Adverteasing In Stock Now

The popular 1980’s trivia game from Cadaco where players recall slogans, commercials and jingles from America's favorite ad campaigns. You’ve been practicing to win at Adverteasing all your life. Every ad you’ve ever seen, every slogan you’ve ever heard, every jingle you’ve ever hummed is an answer in the game of Adverteasing. The challenge is which of the 2,100 questions does it answer. Self-contained playing board to mark players' scores as they progress from the mail room to the board room to win. A great party game! Game Object: In Adverteasing players try to match past and present products to their advertising slogans and jingles. Trivia cards offer a jingle or slogan and a list of possible products. Player receives more points, and move closer to the finish line, when they know the match on the first try. If the player doesn't know the match, they have a second chance to get it right in the multiple choice round. This is the 1988 edition of the game.