3Doodler In Stock Now

Just Draw!

Designed for easy use, the 3Doodler lets you take your creative ideas and bring them to life in a way no paper drawing can: in 3D. The 3Doodler uses colourful plastic strips so you can draw in the air to create your own 3D masterpieces.

3Doodler Imagination

Unleash Your Imagination

If you can draw, write or scribble than you can use a 3Doodler. Create anything you can imagine from the Sydney Opera House to Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral. Design simple craft projects or lengthy masterpieces using a wide range of colours.

3Doodler Community

Find Inspiration

Need some inspiration? The thriving 3Doodler community page is filled with photos, how-to videos, ideas and even stencils that you can print off and use to create your own projects. If you create something wonderful you can even upload and share it.

3Doodler Fashion

Create Real Objects

Don't stop with just craft or artwork. With the 3Doodler you can create usable objects like a smartphone stand, book rest or photo frame. For the fashion-minded even bangles, shoes or a dress are possible. The limit is your imagination.

3Doodler Accessories

Limitless Options

The 3Doodler pack includes a couple of plastic strands to get you started. Over 65 other colours can be purchased separately to give your creations that extra special touch. You can even purchase different material types like ABS, PLA and Flexy.